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Workspace - 2.2.0

New SoftExpert Suite menu

The SoftExpert Suite menu has been redesigned for this version!

We have changed some resources to improve navigation, in addition to incorporating a more modern and practical design for daily use.

Only visual changes have been applied to the Portals, My Tasks, Notification center, and User panel menus.

The main changes were made to the Components and Shortcuts (now Tools) menus. See further details below:


New Components menu

Aiming to facilitate the use of SoftExpert Suite solutions, the components menu has been redesigned and moved to a new location.

The new workspace has a broader, more modern vision of the components you are able to access.

To access the new Components menu, simply click on the icon at the upper left corner of your screen:

Moreover, one of the major new features is the ability to sort components.

You can sort them alphabetically (through the "AZ" icon) or in a custom order.

Simply drag the component to the desired position and save:


New Tools menu

From version 2.2.0 onwards, the Shortcuts menu is now Tools, with quick access to the most accessed and most common features of SoftExpert Suite components.  

Tools displayed in this new menu are: 

  • My calendar;
  • Timesheet;
  • Forum;
  • Feedback.


My calendar in the Tools menu

The My calendar tool, previously found on SoftExpert Time Control > Execution > My calendar, can now be found on Tools > My calendar.

This change aims to facilitate accessing your schedule. 


Timesheet in the Tools menu 

The Timesheet tool, previously found on SoftExpert Time Control > Execution > Timesheet, can now be found on Tools > Timesheet, providing a faster way to enter time.

For further details, refer to the Time control release notes.


Forum in the Tools menu 

The forum menus of the SoftExpert Document, Project, Portfolio, Knowledge base, and Performance menus have been unified in a single location: Tools > Forum

This change aims to facilitate and stimulate the use of this feature by system users, who can now create topics unrelated to any specific components.  

In addition to the components whose menus have been moved, it will be possible to create topics related to courses and trainings from SoftExpert Training.

To aid in navigation, filters have been added to select the topics by component, object, and author.


Feedback in the Tools menu 

The employee feedback feature released in this version will also be available through the "Tools" menu.

For further details, refer to the SoftExpert Administration version news article.


Improvement in widget size in portals 

Aiming to achieve higher flexibility in the organization of widgets in portals, we have made an improvement by changing their minimum size. 

Thus, from version 2.2.0 onwards, the portal layout allows configuring up to 6 widgets in 2 columns. The previous limit was 4 widgets in 3 columns: 


New "Task execution" widget  

The new "Task execution" widget allows executing tasks from any component directly through the SoftExpert Suite portal. 

Thus, task execution becomes faster and more practical, without the need to access the screen for each component.  


Notification evolution 

In order to keep a more direct and assertive communication channel with customers, we have improved the notification feature.  

This improvement aims to enable SoftExpert to send warnings on Cloud maintenance or unavailability, vulnerability corrections, requirement obsolescence, and other important system warnings. 

Another new feature is that, from this version onwards, new portals to which you have access (created by or shared with you) will be notified through the notification center rather than the portal list.


View the latest improvements made to this component:

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